Bovegas IO team respects our customer’s privacy and puts an effort to guarantee safe and protected gambling activities. As long as you experience gaming guided by Bovegas experts, keep in mind that there are some agreements you should be abided by: 

  • You accept a policy of your personal data collection, usage, and sharing. Be aware that, by using casino services, you fully agree to provide them with all the necessary information. 
  • We will never share your personal data with anyone except the parties mentioned on this page. 

Providing all the requested information is important for improving their tools and services. Read the information attentively and start gambling responsibly. 

What Infоrmatiоn Casino Cоllects and Uses

Here you can find the information about what kind of data a casino collects, and how it uses it. 

Personal Account Data

To start gambling, your account should be filled with your personal information in order to make your activities at a casino better and faster. 

To finish the registration of your gaming account you should provide:

  • Your full name 
  • Email Address 
  • Phone number
  • Postal address 

All the steps are necessary and secure. The information you provide will be used for: 

  • Operating and improving website.
  • Getting the promotions and advertisement materials that will be interesting and useful for you to your email address. However, you can cancel receiving emails any time you want, including Bovegas direct communications. 
  • Establishing and simplification of communication between a Customer Support team and gamers. 
  • Enforcing an online casino’s Terms & Conditions.
  • Improving casino security tools and services. 
  • Complying with the standards set by the regulatory bodies for online casinos. 
  • Preventing fraudulent activities. 

Device Data

We collect the information from the devices you use while using website, such as data of the browsers you use, their type, version, and pages that you have visited, the time and duration of the visits, as well as the amount of time spent on the pages. We also indicate your IP address. 

The collected information also depends on the type of device you use. We gather information about the versions of Android or iOS that your smartphone runs and its location. 

Device information is gathered every time you use our website in order to protect and warn you about the unwanted activity in your account. 

Cookie Data

Your browser Cookie data helps us track your activity. Cookies allow sites to remember you, your logins, and more, but they can also be a treasure trove of private info for criminals to spy on. That is why we take care of your safety and security. 

Cookie information is saved on your computer via your web browser and structured into a file. You can refuse accepting cookies, but keep in mind that Cookie helps us develop our customer services. If you want to use all the services offered, it is highly recommended to grant access to this type of data. 

The Best Sоlutiоns of Payment

Todays’ casinos offer a safe and comfortable way of depositing funds, such as SSL technology. It helps to ensure the privacy of your card data and protects it from stealing. 

You do not need to provide your card information to us; you make payments via your bank security protocols only. Bovegas IO doesn’t conduct such transactions. Any of your payments and deposit data is collected or used at a casino you play. 

Third Party Websites

Any third parties have access to the personal information you provide. Casinos may or may not hire y other companies to work with customer’s data; do/do not deliver any personal information of their gamers to the companies they cooperate with. 

Direct Marketing Communication

We believe email, SMS, and Push are compelling tools for sending useful and on-demand information about bonuses, services, and updates to customers or/and subscribers. This is only possible with your express consent. Note that if you use our website, we think you agree to our Terms of Use, including receiving our marketing communications. If you want to opt out of receiving advertising messages from Bovegas IO, you should hit an Unsubscribe button in a newsletter and/or change settings on your phone.

Safeguarding Measures

Casinos try our best to ensure the safety of your personal information, but keep in mind that any internet transmissions or electronic storage is not absolutely secure. Always stay conscious of your own privacy cause we can not guarantee 100% data protection. 

Minors Privacy

Underage gambling at real money casino is forbidden. Any information provided by minors will be deleted and will not be used in any way. Stay aware of your kids’ and relatives’ safety, and do not let them use any of your tools and services. Make sure all your personal information such as card and login details is not available for them. 

All users under the age of 18 should not interact with any gambling activities at a casino. 


According to the internal regulations of the platform, Bovegas casino experts are able to change the rules of the Privacy Policy anytime it is required. You will receive notifications to your email address if any updates will be implemented. New updates of Privacy Policy come in force as soon as they are hosted on this page. 

Consent to Privacy Statement

Mention that when you start gambling, you are automatically agreeing to be abided by the rules and regulations of the Casino’s Privacy Policy. 

  • You agree to provide personal information to a casino anytime it is required. 
  • You confirm that you have read all the regulations and information attentively, and have consulted the full Privacy Statement version that is provided on this page. A present version of consent supersedes any other earlier version. 
  • You are informed that any part of regulations can be changed anytime it will be required by a casino. 
  • You agree to accept all the updated rules and statements you will be informed about. 
  • You understand that a casino can not guarantee the 100% protection of your personal data, but does everything possible to prevent the data backfiring.